3 Ways To Brand Your Instagram

You might have a beautifully branded website but it can be difficult to know how to bring this into your Instagram feed. So, today I thought I’d share 3 simple ways you can brand your Instagram feed so it looks professional, curated and elegant.

1. Colour Narrative

One of the most important things to remember when branding your Instagram feed is to keep to a consistent colour palette.

In branding, we call this a colour narrative.

You’ll notice that our feed uses a foundation of neutral tones, with lots of white space and black text.

A phone on a cream background with mckenzie and siena Instagram feed on it

Using the same few colours is not always an easy or practical thing to do and you really don’t need to have the same colours in all your images. However, being aware of how the colours fit together in your feed is essential.

If you choose one dominant colour and then make sure you repeat it in each line, it will allow the viewer’s eye to move from one to another in a way that is subtle and visually pleasing.

2. White Space

Have you ever wondered why some Instagram feeds look so beautifully pleasing? Your eye is drawn from one image to another with ease. Everything flows together effortlessly…and you wish you could do the same for yours?

Maybe your feed feels crowded and cluttered in comparison but you’ve no idea how to fix it?

9 times out of 10, the Instagram feeds we follow do ONE thing really well: They use ‘white space or ‘negative space’ really well.

A roll of white paper on a white countertop with a white vase and a white mug with a white background

What do I mean and how does it work?

Have you ever walked into a house (or maybe your own 😉 and there’s mess and clutter everywhere? There’s so much to look at that you don’t know what to focus on and very quickly you feel overwhelmed.

Our eyes naturally crave stimulation but sometimes they need a filter or we go into sensory overload. White space or negative space provides that filter in an image.

When you take a picture simply make sure that you leave an area of your image plain (no text, no clutter, nothing for the eye to look at.)

It doesn’t have to be white; a clear blue sky does the same thing…it provides the eye with some rest and allows focus to be drawn naturally to the main subject.

It also means that when you put your images together on your feed, there will be ‘free’ space (areas where your eye can take a break!)

This simple technique will transform that ‘clutter feel’ into one of spaciousness and clarity. This ensures your feed will look more aesthetically pleasing, professional and curated.

If you want to see this in action, take a look at our feed! You’ll see lots of space in the images we use and in the use of ‘white’ space to separate each post, which gives a cohesive, branded feel.

3. Create An Integrated Feed

Think about your account feed as a whole, not just as individual posts. So many people miss this step but it’s essential when creating brand awareness.

Each post needs to work together with the surrounding posts.

So, if a complete stranger comes to your profile, they can look at any part of your feed and get an instant ‘snapshot’ of who you are and what your brand represents.

A woman holding a phone in her hands with a coffee on the table in front of her

It’s a bit like seeing your posts as musical notes, and your feed as the song. Your grid literally tells the story of your Brand Promise, so create it intentionally.

Take a look at your grid…what does it currently say about you?

I hope that helps and if you have any questions (or feedback ), let us know over on Instagram.

Or if you’d like to learn more about branding for your business then check out our blog Hygge & The Art Of Emotional Branding!

Natalie x