5 Steps To Dressing For A Personal Branding Shoot

If you have booked a personal branding shoot (or are thinking about it) then there are a few ESSENTIALS to think about during your preparations. 

This is our 5 rule guide to dressing for a personal branding shoot, to help you to implement your branding colours within your shoot. This will ensure you get the most use from your pictures, whilst creating a consistent and coherent brand across your website and social media.

sheet of branding colours on a desk with woman hands picking it up


Stay On Brand

Use your branding board as a reference & always stick to your chosen colours!


Neutral Base

Keep your clothes as neutral as possible. You can then add touches of your branding colours through accessories, props, and individual items.

flowers in vase on jar placed on a bed side table next to bed with neutral colours
Dried plants that are neutral in colours in a white vase


Less Is More

Avoid patterned tops or bold geometric shapes. If you have a top that you love that has your branding colours in it, great…BUT then keep your trousers and background plain.

Splashes of colour look better than a jungle of colour. 


Watch Your Backgrounds

You might have the most perfect outfit but if you are so focused on having your picture taken, you might not notice the giant orange lampshade behind you!

Backgrounds should always be clutter-free.

Use props and accessories, such as notebooks, cushions, or a throw to add a pop of colour!

Woman in a white dress standing in front of a plain white wall fiddling with her earing

Mix it up a little! If your outfit is neutral, then your background can be colourful and bold. Or if you’ve got that bright, bold top on….find a plain, white wall.

Be creative! Look around your neighbourhood to see if you can find your branding colours…maybe a painted wall, house or door? Perhaps there’s a hotel that uses similar colours to you?

Woman holding up a selection of shades


Match Shades

Not all blues are the same! Closely match the shade of your clothes to your branding colours.

When you go shopping before your shoot, take your branding board with you as a reference.

The closer the colours are to your chosen brand colours, the more beautiful and seamless your images will look in your branding online!

It can be daunting having a branding shoot, especially if it’s your first, so I hope this helps!

Let us know if 5 Steps To Dressing For A Personal Branding Shoot helped you and if you have anymore questions, then leave a comment below or reach out to us on Instagram.

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Natalie x