An Entrepreneurs Guide: 5 Steps to Success

Creating a success mindset is one of the most important things you can learn in business.

Back in 2015, I embarked on a high-level coaching programme for an International Business & Life Coaching Certification. Although I qualified in 2016, I have continued to train with my mentor, and a few years back I was invited to a 3-day training event in Santa Monica, Los Angeles.

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One of the most inspiring part of this event was a talk given by 2 female Entrepreneurs; both who have successfully created multiple 7-figure businesses in under 3 years.

When asked what the 5 biggest steps they had taken to create their success, both women surprisingly agreed on exactly the same things…….and they are probably not what you’re thinking!

So, I thought I’d share them with you today.

The 5 Steps to Success in Business

1. Other People’s Opinion

They made a conscious choice to stop worrying about what other people might think about them. Instead they focused on their abilities and the positive impact they could bring to others. 

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2. Visualisation

Both women use visualisation as a daily tool to manifest what they want in their life, from a parking space to a new client.

What was also interesting is that they also use it as a tool to overcome ‘fears.’ So for example, one of the women suffers with anxiety and so she used visualisation to re-create the feeling of being ‘safe’ when making public speeches.

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3. Permission

They both give themselves permission to act on their inspiration and desires immediately and from a perspective that they will accomplish the task ……no matter what. 

4. Mentors

They have both invested a substantial amount in coaching and mentoring programmes in both personal development and business training…and continue to do so.

5. Morning Ritual

They both start every day with a morning ritual that includes a range of different activities, including meditation, journaling and reading.

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Neither of them begins work until they have spent at least 2 hours on themselves first!

What I found so intriguing is the fact that both women have a very different approach to running and marketing their businesses. Yet their mindset around creating that success was identical; both women are both deeply spiritual and truly believe we each have the capacity to create our own levels of success and happiness.
They are also a great reminder that anything is possible with the right mindset!
Have an amazing, fun-filled week!

Natalie x

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