From Awkward To Awesome: 5 Steps To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever felt like a fraud?


  • You don’t feel qualified or experienced enough?
  • You worry that you lack the necessary talent?
  • You feel that you got this far through luck alone and any minute someone will expose you as being unskilled, uncreative or just plain rubbish?

The ONE thing I see in coaching consistently, that repeatedly stops creative business owners moving forward, is ‘Imposter Syndrome.’

Imposter Syndrome can be defined as ‘feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success.‘Imposters’ often suffer from crippling self-doubt and a fear of being exposed as a ‘fraud,’ even when they have repeated proof of their abilities.

Although I have seen it affecting both men and women, it is considered to be something that affects women more predominantly, especially ambitious, successful women.

Woman sitting at a round work table with her laptop in front of her, their are notepads on the table and she is holding a pen in her right hand. The lady is wearing a cream jumper and has shoulder length hair, she is researching how to overcome imposter syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome shows up in many ways, so if you identify with any of the following, you might want to read on.

What way does Imposter syndrome show up for you?

  • The Perfectionist – Every little detail has to be just right!
  • The Workaholic – Is your computer still on? It’s 11.30 pm?!
  • The Control Nerd – No one else can do anything better than you!
  • The Continuous Student – You are constantly on a course or training because you think you need more skills in order to succeed.

Imposter Syndrome can be paralysing.

It creates feelings of inferiority and of not belonging, which can amplify loneliness.

So, if the ‘fraud monster’ has appeared in your day, here are my Top 5 suggestions to move yourself forward.


1. Be in Reality.

Do you actually NEED more training? Maybe you do! But be honest with yourself!

Is it necessary to gain more skills in order for you to provide a safe and professional environment for your clients?

Or….is this your way of avoiding putting yourself out there?

2. Recognise & Reset

We all have feelings of self-doubt at some point or another. It is natural and healthy to analyse our own skills and abilities.

A woman sat on a wooden stool, she is wearing a grey jumper and beige trousers. She is sat in a thinking position in her art studio surrounding by picture frames.

However, when those feelings start to interfere with our ability to take action, it needs addressing.

If you notice that you are procrastinating or avoiding a task as a result of self-doubt (or you are overthinking or overworking) take the time to FOCUS INWARDS.

Take a break. Go for a walk. Write in your journal. Challenge your mindset!

Recognising the pattern is 80% of the way there to change it.

3. Learn to Fail.

At the root of many an ‘imposter’ is a fear of failure.

Maybe as a child, you felt pressured to always succeed or maybe you craved success as a way of being seen.

The truth is… you will fail! Failure is inevitable.

Every single story of success you will ever hear starts with a story about failure first! From Albert Einstein, who failed his entrance exam to Polytechnic to Walt Disney and Henry Ford, whose first companies both went bankrupt.

Steve Jobs dropped out of college and was fired from Apple before propelling the company into success years later.

Failure teaches us everything we need to know in order to succeed. So try and embrace it as part of your journey.

4. Focus on Small Achievements.

Confidence, like success, builds in small steps.

When we set ourselves giant goals, it becomes easy to get overwhelmed.

Set small achievable goals. Book one new client. Do 2 social media posts this week. Exercise for 5 mins every morning.

Slow & Steady really does win the race.

Woman sat on a wooden chair reading a book in her lap, she is next to a wooden side table that has a green tea on top. The woman is wearing a cream wool outfit and she has long dark hair.

(Note: imposters are susceptible to the ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes… so no, you’re probably not going to make 6 figures in 3 months by doing that course!)

5. Get Support.

Whether it is a friend over coffee, a trained psychotherapist or a professional coach, if you ever feel overwhelmed by these feelings, reach out and get the support you need.

Remember….you’ve got this!


Wishing you all a fabulously fun, authentic and confident week!

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All my love,

Natalie x

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