3 Steps to Define Your Brand Persona

If your Brand was a personality, what would it be like?

Studies show that when meeting someone for the first time, it takes us 7 seconds to create a solid impression of who we think they are. Some research suggests it takes just a 10th of a second to decide on factors such as how trustworthy or organised we think they are.
Online is no different.
You have a minuscule amount of time to make an impression!
Your Website and Social Media feed have to tell your client everything they need to know about what you represent and what you offer….in seconds!

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Many of you have heard me talk about the importance of Brand Core Beliefs before.

They are the root of your brand, created by defining who you are and what you believe in.

Once defined, the aim is to then bridge these elements with your ideal client, so that you connect in a way that is authentic.
Most people find it relatively easy to define the core root of their business. However, creating copy that translates those beliefs into your messaging can be tricky.

Translating it into images can be even harder! This is where the idea of Brand Persona can be super helpful.
A Brand Persona is the personality of your brand.
Like a person, it has traits and quirks and passions that make it unique.

Many Entrepreneurs are personal brands, meaning that they are their brand. 
However, you are a complex, multi-faceted, many-layered creature!
Your brand personality needs to be the opposite.

Below is a little exercise you can do, that will help you get clearer on your brand’s personality, making it easier to select images that best represent it.

3 Steps to Define Your Brand’s Personality

Grab a pen and paper.

Step One:

Imagine that you have received a phone call from someone who has the potential to propel your business to exactly where you want it to be.

Maybe a celebrity personality or industry mogul; someone who you find inspirational. Someone you are both terrified and exhilarated to meet!
They have asked you to have lunch with them to discuss how they can help your business. 

They have asked you to arrange everything.

This is your opportunity to be the face of your company. To represent it and its core values to someone who has the capacity to propel it wherever you desire!

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Where will you meet?

A relaxed lunch at a café, picnic in the woods, or fine dining at a fancy hotel?

How will you dress? 

Are you suited or in jeans? What colours will you wear? How will you wear your hair?

How will you present your ideas? 

What tone will you take e.g. will you educate or inspire? Will you be controlled or excited?

How do you want to present your business? How do you want it to be perceived?

Step Two

Using the scenario above, try and list 5 words that best describe your brand as if they were a person eg. elegant, fun, quirky, feminine, grounded etc.

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Step Three

How can you bring these 5 traits into your website and Social Media feed?

What words would she/he use? What type of images best represent him/her?

Go back through your website and look at the copy again. Do you have the right tone and use the right words; ones that reflect these traits? Are the images you are using consistent with these words?

And remember…simplifying your brand’s personality does not mean it is inauthentic. It just makes it easier for your ideal client to connect with you.

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Until next time,

Natalie x

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