The creative launch

Step-by-step support for launching your new business

Do you have a business project to launch that would benefit from coaching support?

This program will provide you with business, branding and marketing expertise, structured organisation and time-management support and personal accountability.

I know you want to

build your business

You probably know all the things you should be doing.

You are knowledgeable, committed and undoubtably passionate about your new venture.


  • You don’t feel 100% confident enough to do it alone.

  • It sometimes feels overwhelming & difficult to prioritise what to do first.

  • You’re worried the learning curve to achieve your goal is too big & so worry you might fail.

  • You’ve so many ideas, you don’t know which to do first!

You need structure, organisation and a systemised plan to get you from where you are now, to where you want to go. 

You just need the right support.

My 3 month coaching package, The Creative Launch, has been designed with you in mind. 

This program will provide you with in-depth planning, time-management, systems and marketing strategy that will not just focus on creating success but on building a business that is sustainable and scalable.

As well as creating business foundations, we also look at transforming self-limiting beliefs, self-sabotage or any self-doubt that arises and threatens to stop you achieving your goals. 

Hi, I'm Natalie!

I’m a life & business coach, digital marketing expert, photographer, educator and specialist in brand awareness. I’m also a single mum to 2 beautiful children with additional needs.

I have successfully built multiple businesses from scratch, including a photographic company that allowed me to travel the world and saw me published extensively in magazines & online.

I hold an International Business Coaching Certification, specialising in Marketing & Brand Strategy, and spent 2 years training under the Internationally renowned coach, Gina DeVee. I also run workshops on social media and branding and own a creative digital studio and art gallery.

I know what it takes to bring a business into the world whilst juggling all of life’s other commitments!

Natalie Mckenzie-Brown - business consultant and branding strategist


3 Months Private 1:1 Coaching

This includes:

  • A Welcome Pack & Questionnaire.
  • An Individualised Programme designed for success.
  • 12 x weekly ONE HOUR Skype private coaching sessions.
  • Additional Resources & Worksheets.
  • Direct Email Access Support for 3 months.

Investment: £1600

Payment plans available


Step one

Schedule a 30 minute Complimentary Clarity Call.

I will help you get super clear on what you would like to achieve. Together we can decide on whether I am the right coach and mentor for you.

Step two

You will be sent a welcome pack including an in-depth questionnaire.

This will focus your intentions and desires and will provide the framework for our coaching sessions together. 

Step three

We will schedule 12 x  60 minute sessions over the course of the next 3 months.

These will take place at the same time every week via Skype or Zoom.  The sessions are designed around the individual. 

Things we might cover


If you'd like a FREE Discovery Call or just a quick chat with Natalie, then use the link below.