The Art of Authentic Branding

Large companies tout this phrase a lot.

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It’s seen primarily as a way of ensuring congruence within a business; that a branding promise is genuine and that they are able to deliver a service to their customers in a way that is authentic to that promise.

However, Authentic Branding is SO MUCH MORE!

If you run a creative company that relies on personal connection, it is your very foundation. 

Without understanding it properly, every other branding decision you make will be diluted at best and wasted at worst.

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Let me explain why.

Consumer habits are intrinsically linked to social trends….meaning that our buying habits are directly influenced by what’s going on in the world around us.

Today, in a world dominated by environmental issues and political uncertainties, the consumer’s demands are both sophisticated and discerning.

They require more from a company than wishy-washy statements and broad promises.

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Consumers are deeply cynical of the ‘I love what I do’ type website declarations.

They want certainty. 

They demand complete transparency. 

Most of all, they want to know exactly what they are getting from your company and why.

Specifically, they want to know what you provide, how you’ll provide it and most importantly, why you are doing it?

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What is your why?

It is from your WHY that customers discern how reliable, honest and trustworthy you are.

It is from your WHY that they make their purchasing decisions.

Authenticity provides that ‘why’ and creates the bridge between you and your clients. It allows you to explain who you are and what you believe, which not only separates you from the pack but also provides your customers with the reassurance they seek.

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Authenticity is the Marmite of the marketing world……because when you stop trying to please everyone and just be ‘you’, you will attract the right clients and you will repel the wrong ones.